Definition of production processes and bills of materials

Fundamental operations to produce any artefact, the definition of production processes and the drawing up of bills of materials are more consistent it they are carried out directly by the designer, who is familiar with particularly complex aspects of the project and the relationships existing between its constituent elements.

Production of exploded views for assembly operations and spare parts

It constitutes a complementary phase of the project, and if well defined, can help to transmit know-how more quickly within the company structure, it is also a valuable aid in the drafting of manuals, especially the spare parts sections.

Consulting in the realisation of the technical dossier

We advise on the preparation of the necessary documentation for the marketing of the product.
Specifically, we produce user and maintenance manuals from scratch, supplement and update existing manuals, indicate the operations to be undertaken for the safety of machinery and production facilities, and indicate how hazard signs should be created and applied.
We also provide guidance for the compilation of technical files, give instruction for the collection of documents and, if necessary, draw up the risk analysis and indicate where environmental analyses and type tests can be carried out.