In the design of machinery and automation for gluing, we have gained significant experience. This is a sector in which we have had a continuous presence since 2003, and we have developed systems for the automotive, wood, paper, linoleum, composite materials, packaging, textile and pharmaceutical sectors, using a wide variety of hot and cold glues.

Tank melters

We have designed tank melters with a variety of capacities, including 2 kg, 5 kg, 20 kg, 50 kg, 100 kg, 200 kg, 250 kg and 300 kg. We have designed plate melters for 20 kg and 200 kg drums, with both gear pumps and piston pumps. The choice of a pump depends on the requirements of the specific application. Gear pumps are designed to transfer fluids with higher viscosities, while piston pumps are more suitable for fluids with lower viscosities.

Dispensing and dosing systems for two-component adhesives

  • Tank systems with containers from 1 l up to 100 l, with agitators, heating, cooling, automatic filling system, dosing systems with gear, piston, syringe or diaphragm pumps.
  • Pressure plate dispensing systems:
    systems for 20 kg drums and 200 kg drums, double or quadruple drum systems that allow drum change management without downtime, systems with conditioned cabins.

Nozzle heads and coating units

We have designed hot-rolling heads, heads for tangs, for dots, with shaped nozzles for profile copying, coating heads with variable widths from 70 to 3000 mm, and rollers with doctor blades.
Static and dynamic mixers, spray heads for static and dynamic mixers, handles for dispensing guns, comb heads for dispensing on panels.
Roller coating machines of various types, various sizes and various roller heating systems.

Lines and plants automation

We designed many automations for the movement of the heads and products to be bonded:

  • Adhesive lines for sandwich panels, panels to be laminated, transport rollers, dispensing gantries;
  • systems with anthropomorphic robots for kerbs of various types;
  • cartesian systems with 2-3 interpolated axes;
  • carousel injection machines for dispensing and assembling;
  • mobile arms, manual equipment, benches and roller conveyors, mattresses lines;
  • paper coupling lines with hot-melt and cold-cured adhesive with rollers and spray heads;
  • semi-automatic boxing lines;
  • Machines and plants for the production of different types of filters.