To ensure a more comprehensive offer, Promech-MC produces the electrical diagrams for industrial plants and machinery, which are necessary for the construction and maintenance of electrical installations.

The software used for the design of electrical systems is SPAC Automation.

The design of circuit diagrams requires a high degree of precision and attention to detail, as an error in the design of circuit diagrams could lead to serious damage to the electrical installation, the people involved and even the surroundings. Therefore, the design of circuit diagrams is a process that requires technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of safety regulations and design standards.

Electrical diagrams can include various information such as power consumption, supply voltage, polarity, protections and safety limitations.

In addition, the design of wiring diagrams for large installations requires a structured and methodical approach that takes into account all aspects of the electrical system, such as power distribution, cable route planning, component selection and the choice of protection systems. The design of electrical schematics also requires the collaboration of several professionals, such as electrical engineers, electrical technicians and draughtsmen, who work together to create complete and accurate documentation of the electrical installation.

The design of electrical diagrams is a process that requires constant revision and updating to adapt to the needs and changes in the electrical system. The availability of advanced electrical design software has simplified the process of designing electrical schematics, but the expertise and experience of professionals remain crucial to ensure the efficiency and safety of the electrical installation. In addition, the design of electrical schematics must always be carried out in accordance with applicable safety regulations and design standards to ensure safe and reliable installation and operation of the electrical system.