Nuclear fusion

Promech-mc works with Enea (National Entity for Alternative Energies)

Promech-mc with Enea for the design of the experimental nuclear fusion reactor DTT (Divertor Tokamak Test facility).

Specifically, our team of engineers, in coordination with the researcher from Enea laboratory in Frascati (Roma), participated in the phases of:

  • Engineering of toroidal and poloidal superconducting magnets
  • Heat shield engineering
  • Setting the feeders path for the magnets
  • Set-up of ports structure
  • Setting the layout of the cooling circuits for the first wall
  • Setting the lay-out of the vacuum chamber cooling circuits
  • Setting the lay-out of the diverter cooling circuits
  • Setting the Lay-out of the Magnet Cooling Circuits
  • Setting the Lay-out of the Cryostat Cooling Circuits
  • Building Lay-out Setup

The work was executed by using the software CAD CATIA.

Additionally, during the project there was a careful work of analysis and comparison with the solutions employed for the Japanese reactor JT-60 and for the ITER reactor currently under construction in France.

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