High productivity machines for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries

Our experience in the pharmaceutical industry begins in 1998, for important local companies.

We have been involved in the design of automatic and semi-automatic tube-filling machines with 1 or more colours, singles and doubles, we developed various types of filling systems and various solutions for nozzles for paste and liquids.

We have also designed functional groups for cartoning machines.

We designed lines for the filling, sealing and packaging of cream containers, we developed mixing and transferring plants with various kinds of pumping.

We developed moulding machines for vials, cartridges and bottles, functional groups for the treatment and processing of the moulded products, systems for the transfer of glass containers, groups for printing, visual control, sterilisation, cleaning, siliconising and control of the syringes.

We worked on machines for the conification of aluminium and steel containers, high productivity machines for the manufacture of steel bottles or containers used mainly for beverage or cosmetics.